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Your feet are the foundation of your body. When you are experiencing problems with or pain in your feet, it affects your well being.  These problems can make it difficult to manage all aspects of your life in a healthy and productive way and seeing a podiatrist could be the right answer. Dr. Zweig understands this and takes his commitment to better your health seriously.

Dr. Zweig is here to help you build a strong and healthy foundation by addressing any podiatric issues that may be keeping you from your best self.

Contact us today to learn how we can best treat you.

Stefan B. Zweig, D.P.M.

Flexible Appointments

We know your time is valuable. That is why we do our best to offer flexible appointment times that fit around your busy life.

Payment Options

Our office accepts many different payment options and insurance. Please contact our staff today if you have any billing questions.

Friendly Staff

Our experienced staff has one goal: to keep your feet healthy! No matter your foot problem, our staff will give you the best possible treatment.

Our Services

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery our staff is equipped to handle all of your podiatric needs. We have provided an extensive list of services to help you understand your options in foot and ankle health. We can help whether your issues are large or small. Our services include:

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus—also called onychomycosis or tinea unguium—is an infection below the surface of the nail caused by contact

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What is Tendonitis? Tendons are tough, but flexible bands of fibrous tissue that attach muscles to bone. Tendonitis

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People with normal, fully- developed foot arches have a notable upward curve in the middle of the foot.

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What are Bunions? A bunion—also called Hallux Valgus—is a bump that appears inside the foot, around the metatarsophalangeal

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